AniMester 1/6 Scale Figure:Grand Craftsman Enchantress of Desire - Liliana

AniMester Grand Craftsman Enchantress of Desire - Liliana Magnetic Eye Tracking Light Effect + Water Decal Eye Replacement Face 1/6 Scale Figure

Last year, the little devil Lilith stepped barefoot into the swamp and entered our view.
Now, as the moonlight once again bathes the dense forest, a new character from the Demon Series is about to emerge through the mist to make her quiet entrance
— "Enchantress of Desire - Liliana" with Eye Tracking 2.0 Magnetic Light Effect 1/6 Scale Figure.

Liliana walks barefoot on the high tower,
The piercing moonlight makes her every inch of skin appear even more translucent,
The witch's crimson eyes emit a faint red glow, like an elusive bloodthirsty bat,
Silently waiting for the next prey to arrive...

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